“Our partnership with Robbie and her organization has been a tremendous benefit to our department and the community. No law enforcement officer wants to shoot a dog and this training will reduce the numbers of these incidents by preparing law enforcement officers to better understand dog behavior. Our deputies are now safer and this training will no doubt save many dog owners, patrol deputies and law enforcement agencies from having to deal with the aftermath of these types of tragic events.

Robbie and her partners continue to be a great resource for our department. I would encourage all law enforcement agencies to include this training for any officer who may encounter dogs in the performance of their duties.”

Scott Ybarrondo, Captain
San Diego Sheriff's Department

“I thank Robbie Benson and her organization for providing simple training to address safe dog encounters. I am not a dog owner and, before this training, had no experience interpreting dog behavior. After attending Robbie's course, I am confident in my ability to assess dog body language and utilize safe techniques to deal with dogs during my law enforcement duties. Safe dog encounter training is crucial to ensure safety for law enforcement personnel, dogs, and the public.”

Dustin Nelson, Deputy Sheriff
San Diego Sheriff's Department

“The "Briefing Session and Training Program" developed by Robbie Benson and her team is obviously the result of hours and hours of research and collaboration with experts on canine behavior and tireless dedication to changing the outcome of peace officer canine encounters. The material is comprehensive yet the delivery of information is concise and balanced. This Program, when completed by LEOs, will definitely make a difference in the outcome of peace officer encounters with our canine companions. Truly one of the best programs I have had the opportunity to review. Thank you for this significant contribution...”

Cindy Boling
Fort Worth, Texas
Remembering Lily A Reason for Change

"The training offered by the Dog Encounters Task Force at San Diego is solid, behavior based training that will aid Law Enforcement and pet owners in keeping their dogs safe. This training focuses, as I believe it should, on avoidance and de-escalation rather than offering more violence in an already fragile situation."

Jim Crosby – CBCC-KA
Freelance Dog Guy, Dog Attack Expert,
Retired Deputy Sheriff with 23 Years of Service

"Thank you for producing Dog Encounter Task Force Briefing Session Training Program. This information will increase officer safety and protect the public."

Jeffrey Justice, "Dogs Shot By Police" - FB

"Dog Encounters Task Force at San Diego AWOL , in collaboration with law enforcement, has put together a solid educational program to aid officers in their split-second decision-making process when encountering dogs in the line of duty. The program is unique in its field of educational tools for law enforcement, as it is very low cost and is roll call/briefing session based. This particular program also utilizes the best visual aids I have seen and because of its unique training approach, it is suitable for any agency budget and any staffing situation. Idahoans for Non-Lethal Canine Encounter Training fully endorses the program as an excellent training option that will benefit both, law enforcement and the public - keeping the focus on safety for everyone - officers, civilians and dogs alike."

Edith Williams, "Idahoans for Non-Lethal Canine Encounter Training" - FB