New Briefing Session Training Program


Appropriate for use throughout the entire USA!


We are very happy and proud to announce a completely new kind of program for law enforcement that we call our Briefing Session Training Program. We have worked together with local law enforcement for months to develop a train-the-trainer program that can go into any agency, local or national; where the agency trainer can give Safe Dog Encounter Training in briefing sessions before shift. The information in this new training program is taken directly from our 4 hour class and answers one of the big concerns expressed to us by law enforcement when we have met with them: taking officers off the streets for yet another training. This particular training program has the ability to be divided into as many segments as necessary to fit into the timeline required by any agency. With this instruction deputies/officers on patrol will develop the knowledge and confidence to deal with dog encounters with the least amount of threat and harm coming to anyone.

Here’s what comes with the program:

  • Totally turnkey Power Point Presentation with all videos installed
  • Power Point is tailor made for your city/county/state etc. and is in generic format so any agency can add logos etc.
  • Comprehensive Study Guide/Tutorial for the person giving the training.
  • Sufficient consultation with a Dog Encounter Task Force representative in order to make sure the agency trainer is comfortable and confident in the material and truly prepared to give the training.

Incorporating this program allows any agency that may have limited resources of time and/or budget, to get comprehensive training sooner rather than later.

As always, this training is being done totally free of charge in the San Diego region. Outside the San Diego area we will be requesting a nominal donation for our program materials and consultation time. We are a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit so any donations are totally tax deductible. The entire proceeds from donations for our new Briefing Session Training Program will be used to supply our local law enforcement officers “car kits,” which contain treats and 6’ leash, and ketch poles in order to make the job easier and more convenient to have safe dog encounters.

Our entire goal at Dog Encounter Task Force at San Diego AWOL is to keep everyone safe: our officers, our dogs and innocent bystanders.

You can see this training in action in our pilot program in the following media coverage:

If you would like to review the course outline, click here. The PDF version can be found here.

For any questions please contact us at:

We can do this! We can work together and keep everyone safe.