What We Do


This from the Department of Justice COPS Office: “The COPS Office understands the importance of dog-related incidents and encounters for the public, law enforcement, and dog owners alike. With the number of dog fatalities by law enforcement on the increase, as well as concerns for officer safety, law enforcement officers must advance beyond automatically using their weapons when encountered by a dog. There are many other ways to ensure public and officer safety through diffusing dog encounters.”

In order to be proactive in Southern California, to provide solutions for this issue, we have developed the San Diego AWOL "Dog Encounter Task Force." Our Dog Encounter Task Force offers training to law enforcement in canine behavior and body language and how to contain or avert dogs by non-lethal means. With our training program we want to promote a partnership with law enforcement to achieve our goal of keeping everyone safe…our police officers, our dogs and innocent bystanders.

San Diego AWOL is a grassroots, 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a totally volunteer staffed team of highly qualified and credentialed experts. Our current Southern California team has a combined total of over 35 years of training and experience in animal related matters such as: dog behavior and training, animal control, and animal services. This esteemed team is responsible for creating the 4 hour training class we used in the past and instrumental in important elements within our NEW Briefing Session Training Program.

Our training program ensures safety to all through:

  • Learning all steps in how to appropriately and instantly assess a “real” threat from a dog.
  • Learning how to “short cut” questioning to get a clear and accurate description of the situation involving dogs.
  • Learning how to be prepared, in advance, for a dog encounter in all circumstances.
  • Learning how to use simple techniques in your own voice/body language to diffuse most all reactive dog encounter situations.
  • Learning how to resolve 99% of dog encounter issues non-lethally with safety to all involved with tools and equipment you already have available.

For more details about our NEW Briefing Session Training Program, which is appropriate for use throughout the entire USA, please visit the “New Training Program” page.